Our Vetting Process

To be part of Jarvis’ highly selective network, AI Experts are
required to undertake a series of interviews and tests.

Less than 5% of experts are accepted.

Less than 5% of experts are accepted

They are the world’s finest. Look below to find out why we think so.


Eligibility Review

Candidate will be screened based on their application form, which includes a CV, cover letter, and references. And they will be screened for fluency in English, remote work eligibility, and soft skills.


In-Depth Skills Review

Basic coding and domain-specific AI assessment.
Provision and evaluation of homework assignment and a live coding test.


Technical Interview

Interview with industry-domain expert.


Test Engagement

Candidate undergoes a test engagement in order to demonstrate their talent and professionalism in a real-world setting.


Continued Excellence

If admitted, Jarvis experts are not guaranteed lifetime membership. AI is a rapidly developing field in which experts must remain up to speed with the latest tools and technologies.

Jarvis expects its members to remain ahead of the curve – so we may conduct ‘mystery engagements’ from time to time.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for subpar work or poor communication.

Work with only the best AI talent

At jarvis, you will find the most breadth and depth of AI talent.
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