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General Questions

What is Jarvis?

Jarvis is a highly selective network of the world’s top artificial intelligence freelance talent. Companies of all sizes trust Jarvis to match them with top-quality AI experts. We cut no corners and spare no expenses to offer the best AI talent available. We will match you with a top-notch generalist or specialist within 48 hours, in AI subfields like machine learning, NLP, Computer Vision, research, and much more. Our exclusive focus on sourcing AI talent enables us to offer you even more specialized experts such as an NLQ expert (under NLP). Jarvis also offers data science talent, a vertical which we are developing rapidly.

How are engagements structured?

At Jarvis, we offer hourly and weekly contracts. You will be charged on a bi-weekly basis and will have the choice to select the level of engagement you want from your expert per week.

Should there be a fixed timeframe for the work, you will have the ability to choose the duration of the engagement. Should this not be the case, work will continue until you decide to terminate the engagement.

Before initiating an engagement, you will be able to discuss the duration and other details with your AI expert.

Can I set a budget for the engagement?

At Jarvis, we do not offer fixed-rate contracts. Instead, we offer hourly and weekly contracts. Hourly rates for ML talent vary depending on a number of factors, although they start at $80/hour.

Should you have a budget in mind for the engagement, we will collect this information during our initial call with you after receiving your inquiry. Our internal AI experts will be able to provide accurate duration estimates based on project guidelines so you are in good hands.

Why Jarvis?

Jarvis is one of the only freelance talent marketplaces that focuses exclusively on AI talent. While there are other avenues of finding AI experts, we can assure you that very few, if any, devote the same level of resources and attention to sourcing the finest AI talent available with the breadth and depth that we cover.

We strive to build a highly selective and diverse network, spanning a wide range of industries and applications, in order to ensure each engagement has its perfect match.

As opposed to generalist marketplaces, our team is composed mainly of experienced AI experts, which allows us to onboard only the most qualified talent available and to carefully match each engagement with the most suitable expert in our network.

What is the risk-free period? How does it work?

The risk-free period is our insurance policy to ensure you are satisfied with your engagement. Should you be satisfied, we will bill you for your time and continue the engagement until you decide to terminate it. However, should you not be satisfied, you will not be billed. Instead, we will touch base again and decide whether to find you another expert (in which case your risk-free period begins again) or to part ways.

What type of engagements do you offer?

We offer a range of engagements, including hourly, part-time, and full-time. Whether you’re looking for an expert to work on a temporary AI project or on a full-time basis, Jarvis has you covered.

Talent & Screening

Are Jarvis experts really specialists in AI?

Yes. Jarvis prides itself on offering the best AI talent available. Experts in our network have dedicated their careers to machine learning and data science. They are deeply passionate about their work, were trained at top schools, and have experience working on challenging AI problems at top companies. Jarvis will never match you with a generalist software engineer or a ‘jack of all trades’; we’ll match you with the expert that knows how to meet your AI needs better than anyone else.

How do you screen talent?

To be accepted into Jarvis’ highly selective network, candidates are required to undertake a series of interviews and tests.

Our screening and vetting process is described HERE.

Only candidates who successfully complete the vetting process will be invited to join our network.

Where are Jarvis experts sourced from?

Jarvis experts are sourced on a global scale. As our focus rests exclusively on sourcing and offering you the world’s finest AI talent, we have implemented measures to ensure we do just that.

Our talent sourcing team is run by experienced and highly qualified AI specialists, who are actively searching for top-rated AI freelance talent to join our network. We’re active in AI/ML communities and we’re always on the hunt for the best talent available. Also, we receive numerous applications through our website from candidates who wish to join us.

Matching Process

How is an expert matched with me?

We take great pride in sourcing the perfect AI expert from our network that will meet your needs. Our Deep Source process is designed to scan our network on the basis of several dimensions: desired programming language(s), big data tools, frameworks/libraries, domain expertise, industry experience, and more. We spare no effort in sourcing experts based on the minute details of your AI needs, which allows us to hand-pick experts from our network considerably better than if we ran a basic keywords matching process.

What if I require an expert with specific application or industry experience?

At Jarvis, our aim is not only to develop a highly selective network, but also one that is diverse. We seek to work with AI experts that specialize in a range of applications (i.e. NLP, computer vision) and industries (i.e. Finance, Tech).

Hence, when you work with us we will attempt to match you with the candidate that most suits your needs and profile (including programming languages, tools, applications, industry experience, etc.).

What if I’m not happy with my expert?

Although we do the utmost to ensure you are matched with the most suitable AI expert, there will inevitably be occasions where your expert is not a fit for your company. We therefore offer a risk-free trial during the first two weeks of any engagement. Please refer to the question: What is the risk-free period? How does it work? to learn more.

Pricing & Payment

How much does it cost to hire top-notch AI talent on Jarvis?

Price varies depending on a range of factors. We are committed to working with you to find the right price point for your engagement. That said, the following ranges are typical for experts on Jarvis:

  • Hourly: $80 – $150+/hr
  • Part-time: $1600 – $2500+/week
  • Full-time: $2400 – $5500+/week

How do I pay? How often am I charged?

The payment options available to you include all major credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal. You will be invoiced and charged on a bi-weekly basis.

Intellectual property

Who owns the legal rights to the work completed by the Jarvis expert?

You, the client. As per our contracts, all work done through Jarvis belongs solely to the client.

Work with only the best AI talent

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