Rahul A.

Computer Vision Engineer
  • Southwest Delhi, India
  • Member Since, Sep 16, 2019
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  • Industry Financial ServicesTechInsurance
  • Big Data Tools Spark
  • Specialties Computer VisionRecommender Systems

Candidte Description

Rahul is a Data Scientist with a passion for solving business problems using impactful and innovative approaches. He possesses a strong knowledge of deep learning models, particularly in the area of CNNs and image recognition models. 


  • Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi 2008 - 2012

    B.Tech in Production & Industrial Engineering

  • Delhi Public School - Vasant Kunj 1994 - 2008

    Computer Science


  • Razorpay 2019 - Present

    Senior Data Scientist

  • Sears Holding Corporation 2017 - 2018

    Machine Learning Engineer

    - Product Matching : Created sequential model using 2 CNNs & 1 NLP for Product Matching across various E-commerce websites. Achieved accuracy 99.5% across Sears, K-Mart, Target, Amazon, and Nordstrom website and 95%+ across others.

    - Product Recommendation : Implemented CNN for feature extractions to enhance the existing Collaborative Filtering based product recommendation. Improved the F1 score by 60%.

    - Machine/ Deep Learning Templates : Developed 14 templates for machine learning algorithms. Various functions such as one-hot encoding, train-test split, outlier detection, normalization, performance recording against standard metrics are automated.

  • Team Computers 2015 - 2017

    Solutions Architect

    Panasonic India:
    -Developed analytics dashboard across the organisation for Sales & Marketing, Inventory, Supply chain functions using QlikSense.

    2. Remodeled warehouse demand forecasting model using Random Forest by incorporating multiple new variables such as marketing campaigns, discount and promotion channels. Showcasing 15% improvement over the original model.

    3. Developed clustering and Linear Programming model to realign the offline sales team and store mix to maximize sales. The model brought about 5% offline sales improvement in Delhi.

    NCR Region
    - Escorts Group: Developed model for ABC Analysis, FMS Analysis and order quantity optimization. Reduced inventory for Escorts Construction Ltd by 34% in 6 months by controlling purchases.

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